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To answer your question Allen, I am convinced that Small Groups will only make disciples through intentional accountability. Ascending Leaders accomplishes this though "triads"  It is small groups dividing into smaller groups of 3 at the end of the time together and seriously asking each other the hard questions of what each person is doing to grow  more Christ-like as a result of the lessons recently covered.  It works.  


Pete Byma on July 1, 2011

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Sure Dale,

Ascending Leaders has curriculum such as "Charting Your Course"  "Spirit's Fruit" and "Giving Forgiveness. In the course of each lesson there is an accountable covenant that is read and agreed to.  Toward the end of the small group time ( i usually do it after the lesson/teaching/ or discussion time, we break off for 10 minutes into groups of three (go to two not four if you have an even number of participants.  There in the "triads" which is self-led, the people ask about an action point they were going to work on or what action point they will take away for the next week as a result of the just completed lesson.  Each one shares successes and failures.  It's high accountability and taking growth in Christ seriously.

Have Fun.



I'll never forget the first service project I led to inner-city Chicago in 1985.  As the students went behind three locked doors and had to sleep on tables to stay away from the cockroaches, they started asking serious questions like   "how come I have a clean bed and a safe home and these people don't?"   As we painted and cleaned that weekend, I talked alot about grace, sin, and the mercy of God.    We all came back changed and humbled.  Doesn't that happen everytime we serve from the heart?

-Pete Byma


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