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Hey Allen,


Just wondering if you can recommend some resources (in print or online) for how to lead a good, disciplship based small group.


Thanks--I know you have tons of experience in the field and would love to get some input on how to do it from scratch.




I think it's a fantastic idea to dip one's hands in the baptismal water to "remember your baptism". Is this really an issue?

I appreciate the relief you found in the parable, but the "long leash" and go-to-church-to-show pastors-you-appreciate-them is both very bad advice. 

Scripture says much about membership to a body...not a person...

hello there,

i thought that i read in the spring issue of Calvin Seminary's Forum that baptized children could be admitted, i didn't realize there were restrictions on that. i've seen churches practicing this form of children communion, is that not correct?


Great post.

It may be driven by the consumer mentality... but at the heart of it, they want to buy something. Shouldn't we, as adults, do everything we can to nurture that desire? And, why do the adults get to choose the church?


Anywhere the gospel is celebrated, let us gather there.

This is a great, encouraging piece... thank you!!


A spelling error in this sentence: " For the re-ordering of the human heart to occur it’s lifeline to God’s heart needed repair." "It's" here should not have an apostrophe.

One correction: to equate "dynamite" with "dynamis" is an exegetical fallacy. Not every root is related to a word's definition (for instance, the English word "nice" comes from the Latin nescius meaning "ignorant"). Further, dynamite wasn't even invented until the 19th century-it would be crazy to suggest any relation to modern dynamite based on Paul's use of the word power!

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