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Resonate Global Mission also has a workshop that we are running in Ukraine and spreading in Europe called "Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations".  This is a ministry that was developed in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide.  It is being used all over Africa and in some places in the Middle East and Asia as well.  We plan to introduce the workshop in Grand Rapids in January 2019.  Hopefully there will be more information coming out soon as to dates (probably 9-11), venues and costs.  The founder of this ministry, Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd, of Wales, UK ( along with the leader of the ministry in Rwanda, Pastor Joseph Nyamutera ( and Szabina Sztojka, a Roma leader in the Hungarian Reformed Church, will be coming to present the workshop and share of how it is transforming lives and communities in Rwanda, Hungary and Wales.

I was wonderig if more churches have written policies concerning marriage?  If they are out there, are they posted or somehow available?  I'm trying to help an emerging church in Ukraine think about marriage and some resources would be very helpful.  Thanks!

Great blog post, Jessica.  Thank you for this.  Truth and Reconciliation Day, Hearts Exchanged, and Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations are all wonderful steps on the journey to healing, reconciliation and renewal that the church is called to bring to the world.  I pray that these events and ministries flourish across North America.

For anyone interested in learning more about Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations, check out their website at

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