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When I listened to this short (about 30 min.) speech my thoughts went back to my teenage years when we attended young people society conventions and listened to similar (and longer) speeches. Dr. Smith is (and sounds) like a 21st. century Abraham Kuyper. All of us, especially our young people should hear this. Its powerful stuff. Loved it.

We try to keep up to date on the newest books and many times people, including Pastor Jim, come to us and ask for books that they read about either in the Banner or other publications and for us that works great.  One person mentioned the book entitled:'The Rage against God' by Peter Higgins, the brother of celebrated atheist Christopher Higgins, and a very good book by Kevin deYoung about the Heidelberg Cathechism that Pastor Jim brought to our attention.

Sometimes I hear a book mentioned in the sermon and if we don't have it we order it. New books are put in the bulletin under the heading: 'Library Corner' so that people are aware of the newest titles.

Our faithful patrons certainly let me know if they think we should have certain books that are of importance for our church library. There are people in our church that never come to the library but we have a good number that faithfully come every week. My wife Dorothy is also the librarian for 'Coffe Break' . So from my perspective the library in Covenant is an important part of our church life


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