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We use ProPresenter. We've been using version 3 for the past 2 years and now I'm just about to make the switch to version 4 which I'm very excited about. (It doesn't take much I guess.) if you can handle the cost, ProPresenter is really solid and easy to use and very flexible. Once you start developing the library of tunes and Order of Worship pieces it really takes off. I still use Keynote for making specific graphic items for a sermon series or special events and then export the picture or little movie to play in ProPresenter. We use Digital Songs and Hymns too. Caryn (the person behind DSAH) is awesome. There is not a better bargain for the work she (and her assistant) do. I take the version of the song I want from the Powerpoint file she sends me and export as tiffs and drag and drop it into ProPresenter. Voila! The first year we bought a lot of songs but by the second year we bought less than half of the previous year. As far as the license questions in the previous posts, we have a general license through someone (I'll have to check) that covers all of the stuff we project. All of the DSAH songs on the website listed are Public Domain, but they have mostly all of the other songs from the songbooks available but just not through the cart system on the website. (I think it's a licensing issue on their end) Anyway, I can't say enough about how projecting the words and music on our screen for our traditional service has changed worship. It took a little while for everyone to get totally used to it. But now no one is looking down, buried in their hymnal. Everyone is reading along together. Singing stronger and we've saved on bulletin copying from not having to copy non-hymnal tunes for everyone. Great stuff! Wow, this turned into a long post...I should say I'm at Elmhurst CRC just outside of Chicago, Il. Nice to be a part of the conversation.

Thanks, Bob. I've got the upgrade but I'm just easing into the transition (hopefully, next week). I'm liking the new features a lot. The PowerPoint import will be interesting to play with. I actually just downloaded the Windows version today but have yet to get my hands on it. Our youth ministry is starting full-on in about two weeks and we will hopefully be roaring on it by then.

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