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totally agree, when I do baptisms and even profession of faith services I use them to remind not only parents, but grandparents, friends and other families of the vows that apply just as much to the infant but also to the student texting in the 2nd to last row during the baptism. When I do baptism visits I talk with the parents and have them really think about the long term commitments that they are making. There is many times some silence and reflection as we talk about what those commitments will look like 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the road, as it is not a one day I do, but a life long: I do, God helping me.

As stated previously this is very tough for many people as with the increased demands of parenting most do not have the time or energy. However as we as a Church continue to come to terms with the many young people leaving the Church for good, there needs to be a call to action and working together for the sake of the generation. It is not an easy task and there is not one simple solution.

Above all I love that stuff like this being written and conversations being started! Thanks Marcel! Keep it man!

This was something I did in 2004 working at the then church plant of Friendship Community Church near Sioux City, Iowa. I was a Theology/Youth Ministry grad from Dordt College looking to get involved in ministry. I was paid part time through a Home Missions grant and supplemented my income by working at local farm. It was a great position and allowed me to connect with many different people and had a great relationship with the church planter.  I worked with the church for about 6 months before getting married and looking for a full time ministry position. However the experience had a lasting impact and after moving and doing ministry in Southern California, I took a 3 Evangelist Training Program and was ordained and have desired to teach what I learned and saw while working at the church plant, even today while doing ministry in the Niagara Peninsula the church plant experience continues to come through. As a youth leader searching for what to do this experience gave me direction and would recommend it to anyone.

Rick Roeda, Mountainview Christian Reformed Church, Grimsby Ontario 

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