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Hi Hilda!  Thanks for the affirmation of the idea.  At Smithers CRC we have a number of contacts in our community who work in special needs human services, and reached out to one in particular who has training and experience through the organization she serves.  In that way we were blessed with qualified people to ask.  Any church does well to give careful thought to a clear "job description" and ensuring that the attendant have the requisite skills!

Thank you for shedding light on a dark but pressing issue for God's people.  Wherever the light shines, the darkness will not overcome - God bless your ministry in His light.

Thanks for uploading this stimulating speech.  What I found most helpful was Jamie's point about being reformed as a way of being more catholic.  This helps us steer away from the kind of provincialism with which the CRC has struggled, and which in turn causes some to dismiss the very reformed distinctives that Jamie calls us to highlight, celebrate, and continue sifting. 

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