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I don't know about software/tutorials but I did learn about some free training that is available on-line from (Sioux Hudson Literacy Council) 1-866-550-0697  I learned this from the Employment Resource Centre at the Community Support Centre of Haldimand-Norfolk (Ontario).  Courses are offered re email, facebook, blogging, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and several Self Management/Self Directioons courses such as:  Self Confidence & Self Esteem, Self Defeating Behaviours, Communications, Time Management...etc.  You do have to register ahead for certain time slots (which are limited) but it is free.

St. Leonard's Community Services - will help with computer skills by appointment - and they might have advise about how to offer your own program.  Their Caledonia # (905) 765-6745, Hagersville 905 768-0111

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Re Christian Singles groups.  I accidentally posted my last comment while making changes to it.

I am in the Burlington/Hamilton area.  If you check with some of the larger churches in your area, or sometimes churches that run the Celebrate Recovery Program, you should be able to find out about the private groups which are formed from individual churches.  Usually you meet someone who tells you about them & you request to be added to their email or facebook group.   People tell their friends & are willing to travel, esp. by carpooling, so often people will come from 1 to ½ hours away – and you also learn about other groups this way.   I have met people from London, to Oshawa, Simcoe, Niagara Falls, Brampton (and the areas in between).   We do all sorts of interesting activities together & many that don’t cost anything or much – such as hikes, games nights, potlucks, etc. (with never any alcohol involved).  Some of the individual churches involved include Baptist, CRC, Pentecostal.   It really spreads by word of mouth, but sometimes church bulletins will list an event.

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