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Thanks for your reflections Steve. We recently talked to some Catholic friends who said Pope Francis is very much centered on the cross and its significance for all of life. They added that because he is focussed on the cross he will be ecumenical, because all Christians are focussed on the cross. And with his focus on the cross he will be evangelical, because the cross is still Good News for the world today.  It was good to hear that!  Yes, we certainly have some huge doctrinal differences but we have a common mission and serve the same Lord. 

Thank you August for directing our attention to these resources.  Do they have contact information or a web site? It sounds like these are helpful materials

In addition to the materials Meghan mentioned the Advancing Ministry Among Muslims Team is developing an introduction to Islam based on John Esposito's materials.  We're also developing materials on dialogue with Muslims.

Once again thank you for connecting us to these resources.


Jule, thank you for this excellent question!  Since graduating from seminary I believe the most fruitful ministry I did was one on one mentoring and spiritual direction.  In pondering leadership today one of the missing links has been integrity.  While Biblical/theological content are essential for building foundations, mentoring and spiritual direction are essential for the transformation of the heart.  I actually think this not only has implications for what is taught but how it is taught.  In research I'm doing on leadership development in Africa, what's emerging is that leaders trained and mentored on the job have a better possibility of becoming transformational leaders because their formation from the very beginning is vitally connected with the community they are serving in. 

Thanks Greg for your nuanced treatment of a controversial topic.  Your conclusion is right on.  No matter what position we hold on insider movements, it cannot be denied that God is at work drawing Muslims to Jesus in many suprising and wonderful ways.  Muslims responding to Jesus and moving towards him need our prayers and our love especially since there is a great price for many of them to pay to follow Jesus. We need to align ourselves with what God is already doing to call Muslims to faith in Jesus the Messiah. 

Even with our arrogance and our paternalistic benevolence God draws people to himself through our feable witness.  That's amazing!  Thank you for calling for greater humility in our witness.  Sadly, there were and are colonial wrappings that came with the Gospel.  Those who have embodied Jesus' teaching, like say Saint Francis of Assisi, have led such compelling lives, they attracted people to Jesus.  Greater humilty comes from a deeper spirituality.  As we develop a deeper intimacy with Jesus through faithful practice of the spiritual disciplines we will embody a more authentic, humble witness that attracts rather than repels. 

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