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Hi Mark

On "Mental Illness", I have been an experienced consumer as the wife of a doctor with severe Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression for 27 years. At the time of diagnosis, shock horror, we already had 4 children aged 1, 3, 5,& 7. There was a history of the illness but it was kept under wraps by my church going mother-in-law. She still wouldn't disclose any details after the diagnosis and remained in denial till her sons suicide in 2009. She also lost her mother to suicide when she was 16. Her son was 55.

If mental illness is not accepted and supported within Christian families, what hope is there? Isolation resulted from all our friends including those from the church. Deliverance was proposed by some, to the total destruction of a marriage, career and ultimately loss of life. The family and my own children blamed me. This was based on lies. Yet church going families chose to believe it over the facts. Isolation? You could call it that. But, my faith in God only grew. I am not alone!

As to "Ministry"; my book is my testament to overcoming impossible odds when God is on side. I am a retired nurse turned author to help others make less mistakes and more informed decisions using my hindsight as foresight. The main thrust is to protect from and prevent emotional damage of children in the marriage/relationship. The well parent is all they have. I have donated my proceeds to "World Visions Rescue Programme", for enslaved, abused, damaged kids.

A Butterfly Landed An Eagle, is my true story, from butterfly to becoming an overcoming eagle and landing another Christian Eagle in my second husband; a miracle in itself. I thank God for His provision, I emerged whole not a gibbering, abused, remnant of humanity. I could have lost my mind or my life if I stayed in my doomed marriage. As it was, I stayed too long. My marriage vows were my un-doing. has links for purchase.

Please leave your comments as they are valued. I can only tell of my experiences and must disclaim any conclusions that may be drawn from or with my book. I found every church attended in Perth to be out of their depth or not properly informed to deal with mental illness. There are side issues such as business, charismatic practices and praying in tongues. Deliverance without medications is dangerous and may result in suicide from untreated depression.

God bless you as you overcome barriers to ministry in mental illness and its isolation.

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