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After leaving the Roman Catholic Church when I was 20, I knew I should never again submit myself to an institution of faith that dictates my beliefs and practices- just the Bible alone.  I have recently started attending a CRC offshoot in Wingham, Ontario Canada.  Now before I leap I check my footing for the strong foundation of Jesus Christ. 


     After reviewing the CRC website, and the creeds that it affirms, to know what I was getting into, I am now seeing that the CRC, like the Catholic Church, has turned its back on the teachings of Jesus for those of man: "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." (Matthew 15:9).

This is clearly evident when one reads Article 7 of the Belgic Confession (see below)-a confession of man.  This confession of Guido de Bres was suitable for him and other Bible believers in their time and place.  They asserted that we must not put human writings above the truth of God, no matter how holy they may seem.


 When the CRC asserts that a member of its Church must believe this confession, it is at the same time denying what this confession and those who first lived it initially stood for: that they would NOT bow to the teachings of man, but those of God alone, who is the only, and subsequently, highest authority.


Dear Christians, remind yourselves of the teachings of 2 Timothy.  It is scripture that is inspired, and it alone is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works- not the dictates of men who came before us, or who are now amongst us.


The CRC is walking into the same pit that Roman Church now finds itself; like the Israelites of Jeremiah 35, they choose to listen to their fathers, and not to God, therefore evil will be brought upon them.



Article 7 (of the Belgic Confession):


The Sufficiency of Scripture

We believe

that this Holy Scripture contains

the will of God completely

and that everything one must believe

to be saved

is sufficiently taught in it.

For since the entire manner of service

which God requires of us

is described in it at great length,

no one—

      even an apostle

      or an angel from heaven,

      as Paul says—^2

ought to teach other than

what the Holy Scriptures have

already taught us.

For since it is forbidden

to add to or subtract from the Word of God,^3

this plainly demonstrates

that the teaching is perfect

and complete in all respects.


Therefore we must not consider human writings—

      no matter how holy their authors may have been—

      equal to the divine writings;

      nor may we put custom,

      nor the majority,

      nor age,

      nor the passage of time or persons,

      nor councils, decrees, or official decisions

      above the truth of God,

      for truth is above everything else.


      For all human beings are liars by nature

      and more vain than vanity itself.


      Therefore we reject with all our hearts

      everything that does not agree

      with this infallible rule,

      as we are taught to do by the apostles

      when they say,

      "Test the spirits

      to see if they are of God,"^4

      and also,

           "If anyone comes to you

           and does not bring this teaching,

           do not receive him

           into your house."^5

^2 Gal. 1:8

^3 Deut. 12:32; Rev. 22:18-19

^4 1 John 4:1

^5 2 John 10


*For more on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church compared to the Bible, some of the same errors that the CRC now finds itself, please visit my blog:

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