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Amazing !!!! Interesting article without anywhere mentioning scripture. And than to read elswhere on the net, that GOD instituted Worshiping Him. Something wrong here, or am I missing something?????

quote: I don’t think heaven’s worship is split between organ and band, major, minor or pentatonic modes, or children, youth, and adults.  So, what does make a song worthy of heaven’s worship? 

It is not a matter of what YOU think how you should worship, it is a matter of what God thinks of your worship, because HE is the one that instituted worship in the first place, and how to worship as well. If we keep that in mind, God's Children will do the right thing, and find the right music. Might not be BEATY enough for everyone, but then, no one should be looking for an entertainment session anyway, there are other places for that in our cities and towns. 

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