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I agree with Mr. Nykamp  As the author of the only overture offered by an individual and who supports adopting the Belhar as a confession,  I believe it is time to act in boldness.  If not now, when?   The Belhar will never be accepted as a contemporary testimony because it is not a testimony.  It is a confession that seeks to bring truth and grace and is a given as a gift to give guidance to the church that has lost its way related to some important issues.  The Belhar seems to exemplify this struggle in our denomination between how we see truth and grace.  As we learn to pursue both, rather than focusing on truth, we will begin to see the possibilities in the areas of racism and other “social factors” we have never seen before. 


It was disappointing for the author of this blog to propose some sort of scenario of how we get through this.  Do we have a faith that the Lord will do a mighty work in the next few days that will change the way we  live as a denomination in the future.? Let’s give the delegates the space to see what the Lord has in store for us.  

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