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In Canada, doctors and nurses aren't required to be vaccinated, but churches should require it for Sunday school teachers? The article at this link is pushing for the mandating of it, but at the moment it's not.

Consider the following graph which shows how dangerous Covid is (isn't) for children (at least in Alberta, from the government's website).




Walhout's article is way off balance. He says we need to take science as fact. He is anything but balanced. Look back at science 500 years ago and we are certain to say that we can't believe we thought that. Yet, Walhout says we need to take science as fact and change everything core to our faith.

Walhout and DeMoor should be taken to task for this completely unbalance article. According to article 15 of the Belgic Confession, "We believe that by the disobedience of Adam original sin has been spread to the entire human race. . . " Walhout has denied this. Walhout and DeMoor have signed our Form of Subscription and have agreed to proper and healthy way of dealing with their doctrinal struggles. But with this article they have broken with that agreement have done what it right in their own eyes. They have not acted with charity or consideration. 

Walhout says in his article"

"It would be extremely difficult to locate any such Garden of Eden, and even if [we] were abelt to do so in modern Iraq, whereis the scientific and historical evidence of a pristine origin and expulsion from that Garden?" and "We say that our children are conceived and born in sin. But if Adam and Eve are not understood as real historical people, then there can hardly be an inheritance of sinfulness from parent to child all the way back to Adam-in which cas the entire doctrine of original sin falls by the wayside."

It would seem to me that Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and sin don't actually exist in Walhout's mind. He goes on to say that our understanding of Christ's work will have to be revised. Well if science and scientific proof are Walhout's standard he might as well tell us that the virgin birth is scientifically impossible, rising from the dead on the third day is a scientific impossibility, miracles are scientific impossibilities and that God himself is not a real person because He won't bend to the scientific proof either. 

If I were take Walhout's direction I would have to conclude that our Scriptures are a bunch of fable's that can help us navigate our unfolding universe. They are nothing but make believe.


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