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Jon Huizenga on July 2, 2013

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Thank you, Alejandro. Can you or can anyone else speak to the accuracy of the statement, "we now have more churches than ever"? Is that true?

I resonate with Keller's sociological explanation for lack of church growth in a community. In my experience, it is factors such as a changing community and leadership resistance-to-change that lead to a church's disconnect from their neighbors and not theological matters. Could it be that CRC lack of growth in recent decades is not about theological arguing over things like women in office, etc, but rather simply about pulling back from consistently planting new churches?

My own church is pursuing a vision to plant churches. It is too early to tell, but I suspect that the missional zeal required to do this work will help the "mother" congregation to maintain it's own open armed approach to our neighbors and readiness to keep changing.

I agree that it takes more denominational commitment. However, the smaller denominational funding has, out of necessity, stirred local church planting efforts. That is a good thing. CRHM funds can best be used as catalyzing funds that support systems and motivate partners.

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