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Great walk-through!

If starting from scratch still seems a little overwhelming, we would love to help.

Bridge Element helps churches and ministries share the love of Christ through awesome websites that are affordable and easy to edit. 

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Let us know if there is anyway that we can help. 

@Mark, You're right context is make a huge difference. We mainly work with younger churches and churchplants and for them, their website is everything.

We recently did a report on the web activity that we see across all our sites (millions of pages views) Check it out for a little more info. <a href=""> Church Website Usage Report </a>

One of the most suprising things that we found was that there was a 30% increase in traffic on Sunday mornings and over half of those visitors were on the website for the first time!

It just goes to underscore what Justin said "if [your] church can’t be Googled, it doesn’t exist."



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