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What other discussion guide to you have?  You mentioned film discussion guides.  Do you have any film discussion guides available?

I believe that the regulation is that if you aren't vaccinated you are supposed to be wearing a mask in public. What is find disheartening is the untruthfulness that Christians are willing to live with. If they aren't vaccinated they should have a mask on.

Churches go to great lengths to keep their nurseries and church education classes safe. We have teams to come in a clean the toys and disinfect surfaces. During cold/flu season we may refrain from passing the peace because of potential germ transmission. I feel the church has be a safe place for anyone to come and know that we are doing everything to assure their flourishing in body and soul. Christ laid down his spiritual power and physical life for the flourishing of us all. Yet the church, those who are ambassadors for Christ, struggle to temporarily lay down rights and power for the good of our communities and the world.

Teachers at Hudsonville Christian/Unity Christian High, Jess Hollenbach and Sara Jager, created this album of Christmas music together.

Hi Josh, The loss of your congregation and church is a very real loss.  I was a part of the closing of a small Christian school.  It was very painful and I too experienced grief in that loss.  When I was passed up for teaching position after teaching position I was certain God had just forgotten about me.  Very dejected and depressed.  I will be praying for you in the challenges you are faced with and for God's presence and guidance to be real to you.

I would love to know of future meetings, events, opportunities when women leaders in the church get together.  I am a woman working to heed God's call into ministry, and I know I need the continuing support of other women on the same road I am.  Is there an email list being compiled or other plans for women getting together?

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