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Hi Gary:

This issue has come up at a leadership meeting at our church as is becoming a common "issue" in many churches.  I recall attending the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing Handel's Messiah a few years ago.  The foyer lights were dimmed 5 minutes in advance and a soft ring tone could also be heard over the PA system.  At precisely 8:00 p.m. the ushers closed all the doors.  The performance began promptly on time with a brief stop 15 minutes in. It was then that the doors were re-opened, but only once, for latecomers.  It stuck me that evening that the TSO musicians get more reverence, appreciation, and solemnity as their audience gathers than many worship attendees offer as they gather to worship.  Maybe we simply need to close the doors to reinforce the message that we are entering His sanctuary and worshipping His Name.  


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