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    Learning on-line together can take shape in many forms . This article was mostly geared to coffee Break, but in our church we are encouraging people to participate in the  Fellowhip 1 program  and also" In Fellowship."

   Especially participation in this program for older people it seems to be a threat e.g. loosing identity. There is another aspect....

. Many seniors (if they do have a computer)  are not familiar how to use certain products.,and terms, all they want is being able to e-mail their relatives

  That's why I would be a promoter to take a few young people and assign them to a few seniors not only to show and do it for them, but to genuinely show interest by encouraging them and teaching them !

The senior can make a cup of tea and listen to the interest of the student/teacher and vice versa theecipient can grow from the wisdom of the elderly and lavish them  them with a visit in their often lonely  existence!


A win/win situation!


Penny Tolsma,

Member of Fleetwood CRC

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