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Hi!  Staci,

Seeing your familiar name attached to this column is among the consistencies I appreciate during this year of too many changes.  So "HI" and "Thank you"  from 

Patricia Haveman

Psalm 94

As we see proud evildoers banding together in corruption and pouring out condemning words we are reminded that their ways are futile.  After all, God created eyes and ears so, of course, he has the power to see and hear what's going on.  He is our Rock and will support us.  He is their judge and will destroy them.   

In 1988, I responded to a similar request from a local newspaper to share memorable Christmas traditions or events.  This was my story and it refers to the former tradition of the Sunday School Christmas programs, in the CRC denomination as well as others, always being presented on Christmas Eve.


                                                   CHRISTMAS IN THE '50s

I remember Christmas in the '50s

     when the children's program took place on Christmas Eve,

     not on a Sunday or two before,

     when it was traditional to go home after the program and open presents.

Ah, those programs!

     girls in dainty dresses, boys in ties,

     adorable speeches, cherished carols.

But the highlight, yes, the highlight of the evening in our church was Rev. B.J. Haan.

     At the end of the program he'd walk proudly to the front of the church.

     He'd turn his head from side to side, beaming at everybody.

     He'd rub his hands together and say, "My, my, my.  That was the best program we ever had!"

     Then he'd go on to ask, "How many kids are going home to open presents?"

     After a nearly 100% show of hands, he'd ask, "Did you all buy presents for your parents?"

     Another good show of hands and then came his favorite question,

          "How many of you bought your dad a tie?"

One year the inevitable happened.

     A little Douma girl, on seeing her sister's hand raised,

          spoke up -- hurt and angry--

          "BETH -Y ! !  You TOLD! ! !"

     While she choked back the tears, the audience stifled chuckles.

Rev. Haan rushed into his closing prayer.

And it was over.  The elders and deacons handed out candy

     while Mrs. Gerritsma played the organ recessional.


I loved Christmas in the '50s.

I loved the sparkle of exuberance Rev. Haan displayed.

I wonder if he got a tie that night.

I wonder how many dad's will get ties this year? !





With the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, some people I have known for a long time, and others I had not ever heard of before, have connected with me because of this exposure and we have been enabled to make some soft sweet music together.  I am so blessed to have a tiny part in proclaiming God's wondrous love and care for people in whatever life situations surround them right now.  I challenge all of you readers to ask God for someone to join with you today in showing His love, whether it be in a quiet soft way or in a jubilant lively way!  You might be surprised by His choice for your


Patricia Ann Siebersma Haveman

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