Contemporary Testimony and the Belhar


Why have Creeds, Confessions, Testimonies, and Declarations? Isn’t the Bible Enough?

Yes, the Bible is enough containing all we need to know to be saved. But as Len VanderZee wrote in the September 2015 Banner Editorial, “From the earliest days, our Christian ancestors understood that we need theological keys to open up the treasures of the Bible. We can’t understand it apart from such keys as the Trinity, the humanity and divinity of Christ, providence, atonement, and divine sovereignty. Of course, these doctrines are derived from Scripture, but, in turn, they provide the keys to unlocking its truths.”

The Contemporary Testimony - Our World Belongs to God

A testimony that speaks to the changes in church, society, technology, and politics since our confessions were written.

Our World Belongs to God (English)

Nuestro Mundo es de Dios (Spanish)

우리의 세상 은 하나님의 것이다 (Korean)

The Belhar Confession - a Contemporary Testimony

The Synod of the Christian Reformed Church has adopted the Belhar Confession as a 'Contemporary Testimony' of the Christian Reformed Church. On the Belhar page you will find a variety of resources with which to engage the Belhar and its themes individually, with a small group, entire congregation, or in worship.

Belhar Confession in (English) (Spanish) (Korean)

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