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It comes along every year.  The festivities of the Christmas Holiday, Ringing in the New Year, etc. Then what?  As worship planners, do we take time for... ourselves?

Taking time between Christmas season and Lent/Easter Season is a perfect time to regroup and relax a bit.  Althgough we have a brief time to relax because Lent is early, we can still take a day here and there to relax, reflect, and regroup before the intensity of another season that is meaningful to so many in our congregations.

Taking time for yourself, your family, socializing with friends, getting away, etc, is good for our soul and for our congregation's soul.  It gives both a repreive and a time to relax.  I'm not talking about being absent from worship, but to be mindful of the congregation and the congregation to be mindful of the worship leadership.

Taking time to plan ahead.  During this time, we also can take the the time to re-asses and plan ahead for the upcoming season, spring, and upcoming year.  

In what ways do you use this time between the busy seasons?  Do we invite other groups, soloists, etc. to be our "ministry in music"?  Do we allow the lull of special music as a way to have the congregation live with "absence"?  

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