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Hi all,

I'm exploring the possibility of putting on a workshop to guide people through some of the differences between playing/singing in a band setting versus playing/singing solo and thought I should ask here whether anyone has been to something like that to see if there is anything I can learn/pull from. Building a workshop and presentation from scratch is not something I normally do so it's hard to know what should all be included. We're hoping to do it as a Saturday morning workshop and may even look to extending the invitation to people outside of the church. Any help is appreciated! (I will also look to share what we have when we're done).

Thanks ahead of time.

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I am doing the exact same thing on March 25.  Greg Scheer is leading the workshop and I'm leaving it in his hands.  But the day is shaping in this manner:

9:00 am - Opening.

"the Art of Worship"

Going through each instrument and explain the who/what/when/where/why part of their role in the group.

using occasional instrumentation (brass, woodwinds, etc)

Working with various abilities/skills (we have a wide range so explaining how to include beginners and not dumb down more experienced musicians, and also those who are self-taught and formally taught.

- Working out a lunch in there somewhere.

Also, the idea that we will be using the music from the workshop into an actual worship service is also important to me - so the repertoire we are using on Saturday will be the repertoire for the service on Sunday.

We are also extending an invitation to other worship & band leaders, musicians, etc. from other churches.


I was going to recommend this workshop with Greg Scheer also. I attended it several years ago when it was offered at the Trinity College location. The book is also an excellent resource.