The Shallow Small Group


I thought I'd go a little lighter today with my post.

Brian Mosley and some of the folks at Bluefish TV put together this great illustration that challenges us to think about the purpose of small groups.

I hope you enjoy it.




By the way, this is a great clip to show at your small group and get some discussion going.

'til next time


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This was good for a laugh! There were great one-liners that  cleverly expose our discipleship inertia.  My favourites...

"You'll never hear us use the term 'unpack that thought', we're sure it's packed away for a really good reason'".

"Thanks for doing my taxes, you have great accountability"

"I had a growth removed last week, it wasn't pleasant" 

"We avoid conflict conflict like the plague... who wants cake?!"

"This is the only outreach you'll ever have to do".

I could almost write the whole skit. :) Thanks for sharing.