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I wonder how many youth leaders are in accountability groups.  I would suggest that if you are a youth leader and you are not in an accountability group, you consider doing so.  It’s a very personal decision. I can only tell you that I have been blessed and improved by my accountability group.

Youth ministry takes unlimited amounts of energy and love for your youth group. It consumes your time and your emotions. So where do you go then, to bounce thoughts off trusted friends? Who gently holds you accountable for your prayer life and your regular devotion to God’s Word?

Sometimes a spouse fills this need, though I would argue that we need our spouses to be our spouses. We rely on them for so many things and we raise our families with them.  I have found my accountability group to compliment my relationship with my wife.

Because youth leaders work with youth and often find themselves outside of the actual church building, we don’t have the same hours or responsibilities of others on church staff, so accountability often needs to come from another source.  Sure we can be held accountable for our budgets, lessons, etc., but what about the stuff in our heads and our hearts?

Anyone else out there who is part of an accountability group? If so, maybe you could add to this brief blog and offer ways in which you’ve been blessed by your accountability group.

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