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I am trying to locate a descendant of Bill R. Austin, the original copyright owner of Austin’s Topical History of Christianity, published by Tyndale House in 1983 and (2nd printing) 1987.

Others of his books (the first four published also by Tyndale House):

- And Stumbled on a Morning 1979

- The Back of God: Signs of His Presence 1980

- How to Get What You Pray For: Harmonizing Your Desires with God's 1984

- When God Has Put You on Hold 1986

- Clouds without Water 1968

- Talks with Timothy 1957

- What Would Jesus Do? 1973

I would like to make use of the out-of-print Austin’s Topical History of Christianity in two of my courses by reproducing the chapters one by one. To do that, I need to have permission from the current copyright holder, perhaps a descendant of Bill R. Austin.

Tyndale House has no information other than that Bill R. Austin is deceased. Internet searches for an obituary are fruitless.

I appreciate any information that will help me find the person or persons who now hold the copyright.

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