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Today I had an administrator ask me if a record retention schedule was available to help churches. The answer is YES! 

This record retention schedule will assist you with financial record storage requirements and also with minutes and administrative record retention. This is for the US and I'm checking on possible differences in Canada. Let me know if you have other helpful ideas for managing your church records. I also had someone ask about baptism and profession of faith records. I think most churches keep these indefinitely so this would fall under the "permanent" category.

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Thanks Sheri - I am nativigating through this. I will look at what you suggested.

Sheri, I just had a phone call from a gentleman who is looking for a record of his baptism from the 1960's. Do Christian Reformed Churches permanently keep records of all the people baptized in their church?

Hi Sheri
Thanks for sharing this info. Can you tell me if this applies for Canadian churches as well or if it is different here?
Thanks again

Canadian CRC churches usually keep membership records. This comes from our Dutch background where geneological data were kept by churches after the reformation. Likely the same reason US CRC churches still do that.

How long we will keep doing this is anyone's guess.

The embedded link is no longer active. Are you able to update? Thanks!



Thanks for the heads up Bob! The link has been updated.