How would church libraries secure recommendations for nonfiction resources for laity from CRC-affiliated schools?


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Nonfiction collection materials in church libraries are difficult to select and I've been wondering if there's some mechanism whereby CRC church libraries could enlist the advice and suggestions of our colleges and universities.  For example, instead of wandering into your local Christian bookstore or online vendor and searching through the myriad of selections on, say, self-help or relationships -- there's a lot of trash out there -- could we somehow encourage our colleges and universities to suggest materials for laity that are canonical, foundational, significant and, of course, Reformed in outlook.  Seems to me that our colleges and universities have an educational mandate with respect to the supporting community -- much like church libraries do -- and that they also have the expertise to at least assist librarians in sorting the wheat from the chaff.

So, is it time for CRC church librarians to unite and send requests to the colleges and universities for nonfiction reading lists? Say, the top 5 books for laity in economics, the fine arts, politics, agriculture, science, technology, literature, etc.  I say "for laity" because we don't want to alienate potential readers by stocking overly academic titles.  Yet, as Reformed Christians, we should not be shy when it comes to resourcing academically respectable and thoroughly Reformed titles.


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