Drawing Attention on Facebook with Status Updates and Pages

While it is easy to debate the importance of some social media sites like Linkedin, Myspace, and Last.FM for connecting with your community, I believe it's almost impossible to argue that Facebook is an important platform to use in communicating and connecting.  Church Marketing Sucks explains in their post  "Churches & the Facebook News Feed: Why Should You Care?" how and why to connect with your church through status updates on Facebook. Additionally they demphasize the importance of design on a church's Facebook Page because people don't frequently visit a page.
Even though there is a debate about the importance of a well-crafted Facebook Pages, it is still important to have at least some information on your page. Mashable thoroughly describes how to make a very custom page to promote a business (in our case, a church) in the post "HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business". Some of the key points include:
  • Using CSS or HTML to code the page, not FBML
  • The code that they use on their page 
  • How to add or embed different types of media on your site
  • Testing and publishing the new page
Does your church have a Facebook Page? Where do you stand on the importance of a well-crafted Facebook Page?
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This really rocks.  While we do have a very good website, we've created a FB presence and want to use it more.  This will really help.  I've seen some pages like World Vision on FB and it is an excellent example of how you can design a very attractive FB page.

Just a note, I decided to try short spurt advertising on FB.  I created two ads and ran them for only two days each.  One was for our theology pub meeting  and the other for Sunday morning worship, especially because I was starting a new sermon series.  I targeted specifically for our area and "voila" we attracted new people from both our ads.  And the cost was very minimal -- about $8 each for the two days.

Great Advice!

I know on Facebook you can really drill down to who your ad get's displayed too. In addition to choosing users from your area, can you choose user's that Like your page or another page?