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One way we at 12th ave. use the internet, is to use Skype to communicate with our missionaries around the world. It is free and easy to use, supports fairly descent video and it is 2 way communications. Use it as a teleconference tool. We did this for the first time tonight we one of our missionaries in Japan. I worked superb, with 2 way video in real time. Is there any one else doing this? Mike

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While I haven't seen it used in a service, I have seen it widely used. I've used it personally in my small group to include a member in our meetings who was in China for several months. I seen / heard about churches doing this, but it was either recorded or they used satellites (that was at Willow Creek)

Also, TWiT is a popular tech podcast network that conferences their hosts in via skype.

It's crazy how you used to need a satellite uplink or other means at huge costs now I can use Skype for free!


I've been thinking about something like this for our church too. It would come in handy sometimes especially with our missionaries in Zambia and Nigeria and elsewhere.
What type of webcam is best? Or should I ask, if even the cheap $20 webcams work well?


It seems like I've been seeing "via Skype" more and more on the major broadcast networks. Especially in crisis situations (e.g. Haiti) but even for regular interviews. We're thinking of using it to enhance some of our CRC news stories as well.

For real-time video conferencing, I like a combo of video chat for the visual and a plain-old-telephone for audio. At least that's what we use with my kids and their grandma and grandpa :-) Audio blips/delays/echoes are terribly irritating. But if you've got good audio, the video is a sweet bonus.

When using skype it helps to have a hi speed connection on both sides. If you have a projector for power point, an internet connection, I use wireless, and a way to hook into your sound system, you can make this work for you.
The next conference I want to do is with a Missionary in West Africa. When I get done I will leave feed back on how it went.


We used it in church to communicate with missionaries a few times. It was great when one of them asked "Is my grandma in church today?" and the in-sanctuary camera swung around so grandma could blow her a kiss.

It has been very well received and a great communication tool.


The search committee here at East Palmyra used Skype to do the initial interviews with me and other potential pastors. From my end, it was a much better way to meet the committee than a simple phone call, and I know the search committee found it very helpful as well.

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We've used Skype a couple times during a service to communicate with Gil & Joyce Suh from Cambodia. We support their family's work. Here's a photo (not the best photo but the image looks all right in the church):

We connected our Pastor's Apple to our system in the sound booth, and used the built-in camera. We have DSL at the church and used the wireless in the sanctuary. It worked just fine.