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Hello all, I am looking for some recommendations for starting online giving at our church. We have been asked multiple times (by the younger generation) to make this available. So any help, thoughts, and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Blessings


If you're using a church management system (ChMS), check first whether it offers online/recurring/text giving. That's what my church does. If the fees are competitive, then doing it through your ChMS means no duplicate data entry of each donation. Giving history is logged automatically and some systems allow members to log in to do donation-related things (e.g. view giving history, adjust recurring gifts) as well as other functions (e.g. adjust their directory info, communication preferences).

If you're not using a ChMS, then there are standalone options like (which, it seems, has recently expanded to include ChMS features). Other suggestions for Vikki?

My church has just set up a separate email that is only for for e-transfers. We called it "offerings@[our church domain name]". We're hoping this will hold us through this time while we can't gather, and will continue to be a preferred giving option for some folks in the future. There is no service fee to receive e-transfers (on the church's end), but there can sometimes be a small fee for sending one (on the giver's end). We're just starting this, so I'm interested to see what other churches are doing as well!

We are a very small church with no management system software. The treasurer will track gifts as usual; I suppose this won't have the separation of personal info that comes from having envelope numbers. We'll see whether that impacts people's willingness to use this system....

The Bridge App, which is currently in use by about 2/3 of Canadian CRCs, and is being tested by several CRCs in the US, enables a local church to accept giving for the church budget and other causes, as well as recurring giving.  Bridge App users can add a credit card to their account.  This will soon be expanded to include debit cards.  Each month, the church treasurer receives a summary report of donations made through the app.

The Bridge App was developed as a philanthropic initiative by a technology firm owned by a CRC member, and one of the objectives of the GIVE function is to provide churches with a low-cost solution in comparison to many other similar products.


Thanks for your question. I just posted an option coming from the CRCNA. It is going to be very basic but will help your church to get online quickly.  If you are looking for something with more options. I would first look at any of your current members management software, if you have one. Often they have options built in to their system. If not this giving option from the CRCNA will allow members to give to your general fund. You can email me directly for more information. [email protected] I can share the sign-up form with you and get you started. 

Jeff Bolt, Director of Advancement CRCNA. 

Hi Vicki, Diaconal Ministries recently put together this resource: It's found on our Covid-19 landing page.

It is primarily for churches who have never done online giving and are looking into it for the first time. These are some of the best options out there but each church and context is different so churches should decide what would work best for them.

We just started this as well.  We chose It was pretty simple to set up, easy for the church member to use, so far seems pretty straight forward on the administrative end. 


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