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In 1862, Christian Reformed congregations recognized that some of the ministries to which Christ calls us can be difficult to do on our own. They covenanted to pool their resources in order to do more and greater ministry together. This system, called "ministry shares", is still implemented today, is very cost-effective and is a big reason why the CRC is able to support a range of ministry programs that is unparalleled for a denomination of our size.

Synod 2019 recommended, and a special meeting of the COD (in lieu of synod 2020) approved, a radical change to the ministry share system. While ministry shares will continue to be a covenant program of the entire denomination, synod will no longer set a specific, per-member allocation amount for ministry shares. Instead, each congregation will be asked to prayerfully consider what they can pledge.

If you are looking for images that you can use on a screen or on social media during this pledge period, at a congregational meeting as you vote on your pledge, or in an on-going way throughout the year, consider using some of the graphics below.  They are designed to be used independently as a series (for example, one per week during your Sunday services), or together as part of a presentation. 

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