As the Pendulum Swings: From Christian Zionism to Christian Palestinianism?


The June 1st issue of Commentary Magazine features an article by Melanie Philips entitled "Jesus Was a Palestinian: The Return of Christian Anti-Semitism"

Philips shows that a counter-industry--if I might put words in her mouth--to the rampant Christian Zionist theology and which has become an industry in itself as the so called Biblical prophecy movement, which turns a blind eye to all Israeli injustices done in the name of Biblical prophecy fulfillment, now has been spawned under the name of Christian Palestinianism. She shows that it too has become an industry in itself with appeals to  theological underpinnings, appeals to the "let's be nice to all people" postmodern sentiments, and a curious mixture of politicking, Palestinian victimization, strange bedfellows of Islam and Christianity, and droves of clerics to help the cause. Philips does not adequately cover the short-comings of rampant Christian Zionist theology, but certainly has exposed some of the underpinnings of Christian Palestinianism.

As a long-term resident in countries where dictatorships have come and gone, new theological movements have come and gone, short-term volunteers have come and gone, one thing is for certain: humans seems to love swinging on the pendulum, but once the dizzying ride is over, many dollars are spent, and many pronouncements are made, not a whole lot of substantive change seems to have occurred.

Could there be a better way?


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Hello Salaam,


While I don't disagree that humans seem to swing on the pendulum, I think moving away from Christian Zionism to Christian Palestinianism is positive - if only as a corrective to a theological error. The fact is that Israel has forfeited the covenant as a nation - the hope of individual Jews is found in Jesus Christ. The hope of individual Palestinians is found in Jesus Christ. Therefore we no longer have a theological reason to prop up Israel. Yes Israel has every right to exist as a nation and to protect itself. But as Christians we are also concerned about the plight of the oppressed, the poor, the prisoner, and the Palestinians are prisoners in Gaza. So I don't think it is anti-semitic to hold Israel accountable for their actions in Gaza. I support some pendulum swinging - but as with all things - not too far.