Can You Really Rest on Sundays?


I attended a great seminar in my area last week for ministry leaders, and the focus was on renewal, with a lot of discussion about the importance of a Sabbath day of rest. For many in attendance, they have ministry responsibilities on Sundays and so several people offered their own practices as examples of the ways in which they set aside time for renewal and rest.

It made me curious what the practice is of other Ministry Coordinators. Is Sunday a work day for you or not? If not, are there challenges in protecting your day of rest when you attend worship where you work? If your congregation considers Sunday as a work day for you, how do you find space and time for renewal on another day?

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Pastors certainly don't do much resting on Sundays, and often we find it challenging to make work of resting, so to speak, even though the spiritual practice of sabbath is essential for us as persons, spouses, parents, and pastors.

Amen Randy, we should evaluate worship structure with peace and rest in mind. You can connect with the Spirit when your quiet rested.

Sunday can be  one of the busiest days of my week ...  and yet at the same time you have everyone under one roof for announcements or handing out material etc. You do get the chance to catch up with lots of folks, which is also important. It ends up being a number of hours of intense , focused work and I am toast when I get back home.

Signed ~ Ontario MC and lovin' it ! ~

Hi Rebecca,

Two points to your statement. 1) You mentioned that there is importance of having "a" Sabbath day of rest. Do we have "any" day as our Sabbath day of rest, or did God command "the" Sabbath day ?   2) What did Jesus do on the Sabbath day? The Word of God tells us that Jesus preached, healed, walking and talking with His disciples on the Sabbath day. Thus Jesus was busy on the Sabbath day doing the work of His Father.