During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are sharing stories about Hispanic leaders in this CRC! We'd love you to meet Pastor Edwin Olguin, a church planter with a passion to see the church truly become one body. 

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When one part of a community struggles, the entire community is incomplete. Our hope is that this workshop will help Christian citizens to work with their refugee neighbours for justice.

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Inspired by the YWCA's national Stand Against Racism campaign, Calvin College and The Office of Race Relations are hosting a worship service on Wednesday, April 19. 

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All of the CRC’s Libros Desafío Spanish-language products are now available for purchase online from the Faith Alive Christian Resources website.

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A couple of weeks ago, leaders of Christian Reformed Church ministries issued a Statement on Racism to all pastors in the denomination. Let's have a conversation about the Statement, and the topic it addresses.

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This summer from June 8-10 I plan to attend “Engage 2016: A Multiethnic Gathering” hosted by the CRCNA and located on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

March 14, 2016 0 1 comments

It is time to create a new agency to support ethnic CRCs. Just as children need new clothes as they outgrow the old ones, a relatively young denomination like the CRC needs new structures. 

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Has anyone used this version of Christianity Explored?  We are using it for the first time at Fleetwood CRC in Surrey and are having a great time with it.  Session 3 is tonight.  Seven people are coming from all over the world--Burma, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Cambodia.  Some of them are opening the...

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Got this link from my pastor and thought others might be interested: Presented by Rev. Dr. James C. Perkins Hosted by Judson Press DATE: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 TIME: 10:00 a.m. E.S.T. REGISTER: MORE: Can't attend, but interested?...
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Our church is growing in diversity, praise God. Diverse in income, culture, ethnicity, and ability level. We try to have people from various ethnic backgrounds involved in our praise team. Our two pastors are two different ethnicities. Our services are mostly in English, and are simultaneously...

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Wow!  I have to admit I'm surprised that Calvin would have that particular problem.

Doug, that's a great question. The answer is yes. To bring the sin of racism before the Lord is a wonderful opportunity to lament, repent, pray, and work towards becoming more aware of its effects on all people. Again, thanks for the question.

Is racism a big enough a problem at Calvin College that there needs to be an annual chapel dedicated to the problem?  Is it the student body?  faculty? administration? constituency?

This is a very timely topic. Our country will soon be a place where white folks are a minority. Rather than fearing the change, we need to embrace it. Hopefully, this conference can help us. What is missing in my mind is a space for discussion (even one workshop) regarding women, a different kind of diversity. Though women make up a majority of the population, we continue to feel marginalized in our communities, and not only there, but often even more so in our congregations and denominational structures. 

May the Lord continue to build diversity in his Church, including the CRC; and may we find the new clothes we need to support that work of the Spirit. Amen.


Sandy and I (CRC retired missionaries) are visiting an RCA church building in Kalamazoo, MI that has opened up their facility to a Hispanic Pentecostal church which we attend.  This pentecostal church group is invited to all social functions and there is wonderful social interchange.  The children of these Hispanic families are as American as I am.  Multiple facility use is one the simple ways we can coordinate multicultural ministries in a geographical area.  Cultures are very different and people worship in a very distinct way from each culture.  And of course there are also many subculture worship styles among a culture.  We have been missionaries in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the USA.  It is difficult to have a truly multicultural worship time.  Presently we are doing this of necessity in Mexico during the winters because there is no evangelical church ministry in the village of 3000 people, of many mixed nationalities, where we are starting a church.  I would much rather do the worship part in two different services.  But that might come next year. 

Your brother and sister in Mexico church planting, Rev. Wayne and Sandy DeYoung

@Tom, I am interested in how your studies have proceded. Have a blessed and pleasant Christmas. Look to the new year God helping you.

I like the idea of having people read Scripture in their first language. Thanks Kim! 

to answer your question about being intentional about diversity, we often have the bible reading done in English first, followed by another language -some one from the congregation reads-sharing their first or second language.  we also have a potluck lunch following every service where people are encouraged to bring ethnic dishes from their backgrounds, and our praise team represents several different cultures with their own ethniticity, style of music and instuments! it is so great each week to see fellow Christians step outside their own comforts and share in the diversity God created!! 

We welcome anyone who walks through the door.

Personally . . . I never heard of the CRC until we moved to Everett, WA. We attended an evening service and were made very welcome. We like the Dutch people, the Dutch customs, and the traditional worship service. Thank God there are 100 different denominations in the US. Every person should be able to find a Christian congregation that fits his personality and theology and I found mine. That was 15 or so years ago.

Since we joined First Everett CRC, the denomination has been working hard to change everything I like about the CRC. We may be the last "traditional" congregation in the Classis. I can tolerate a couple of modern ditties passing for hymns in the morning service but if I see a drum set in front of the congregation, I'm gone.

If the CRC can't exist while maintaining CRC distinctives then why should we exist? The CRC should "out baptist" the Baptists and "out rock and roll" the rock and rollers? Follow the money?


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