Church Jobs Renamed ‘Church Positions’


In case you missed it, we recently changed the name of the ministry topic "Church Jobs" to "Church Positions."

This change was suggested by a member of The Network community and better reflects our Reformed view of ministry as a calling. Thank you for sharing openings in your church and ministry. Church Positions continues to be one of the most popular topics on the entire site!

Questions? Please feel free to comment below.

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If terminology is important and needs to reflect Christian ministry values, then may I suggest we drop the term "Human Resources?" That used to be called "Personel" or something like it.  Humans may never be regarded as resources.  How did the CRC get into that kind of secular terminology. Every time I see that term, I get upset.  Please, someone, do away with it and either go back to the previous term or be creative and think of something new that reflects our understanding of human beings and of workers.