Low-Cost, Low-Tech Options for Sharing Sunday's Sermon


During this time when worship services in the church building have been suspended, there are options for sharing Sunday’s message with your members.

A very simple option is to record the sermon as an .mp3 (audio) file, and attach that file to an email to your members, post it to a social media page, or attach the audio file to an ANNOUNCEMENT in The Bridge App.

For churches that already have the ability to record or stream video, that file can be easily shared through the WATCH function of The Bridge App.

But what if your church does not have video equipment?

One simple solution is for the pastor to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that can be as simple as a single-frame title screen or image of your church, or as elaborate as including sermon title, Bible passages, sermon points, images, and other visual elements. Then, select “Record Slide Show” while narrating the sermon and advancing from frame to frame.

A few tips: advance from frame to frame using the "arrow right" key or the space bar to avoid the audio ‘click’ from a trackpad or mouse, and briefly pause speaking as you advance from one slide to the next, as there will be a very slight audio gap during the frame transition.

Once completed, save your file as a “Movie” in either .mov or .mp4 format. Then, upload that movie to a YouTube account. 

You can email your congregation with the URL of the YouTube page, and also paste that URL into the “Mobile Application / Video URL” field in your church’s settings on The Bridge App administration portal. That will allow your members to see and hear Sunday’s sermon through the WATCH function on The Bridge App.

With a little innovation, there are options for sharing Sunday’s message with your congregation, even if your church does not have video equipment and live streaming capability.

(**note that some versions of PowerPoint for Mac may not retain audio when saving to ‘movie’.  You may wish to save a short test file prior to recording the full sermon)

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