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This post is part of the Welcoming Children to the Lord's Supper Toolkit - a collection of resources for equipping ministry leaders, parents, and caregivers to nurture the faith of children and engage the sacrament together.


  1. 2-3 photos to be projected on a screen or enlarged on a tablet, showing you with your family eating a meal during a celebration such as a birthday, Thanksgiving, a wedding/anniversary, a baptism, etc. Be sure that one of the photos shows you as a young child, perhaps blowing out candles on your birthday cake.


I have some pictures to show you today. If you’ve ever had a birthday party or been to a birthday party, touch your nose. Me too!

This is a picture of me (on my birthday) when I was __ years old. The other people in the photo are ____________. The table I’m at is the table where our family ate our meals, and on birthdays that meal included some yummy birthday cake. 

Here’s a picture of me/my family during another celebration. This time I was/we were gathered with _____________ to celebrate ________________ and eat _____________ together.

Repeat with third photo (optional).

One of the ways families celebrate a special event is to get together and eat a meal. And often, during one of those meals, someone might say, “Remember when we . . .” or, “Remember that time when . . .” and then everyone remembers together.

Today we’re going to have another kind of family celebration—a Lord’s Supper celebration. It’s a family celebration because it’s for God’s family. And just as we eat special foods on our birthdays and other important days, we’re going to gather around a table to share a special meal of bread and juice during this celebration. As we eat, we’re also going to “remember when” together.

  • We remember when Jesus died.
  • We remember when, on the third day, Jesus came back to life. 
  • And we remember that Jesus went to live with God in heaven and will come again.

The Lord’s Supper is a celebration meal because everyone who believes the things we’re remembering will live forever with God one day too.

That’s the best reason of all to have a party. Let’s celebrate!

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