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Children in our church memorize scripture passages every 6 weeks and recite them in front of the church. We are trying to find ways to make this less of a performance and more of an act of worship. Does anyone have any ideas or do something similar? 


This is a great idea!  I would suggest placing the scripture in a particular "role" in the liturgy: if it's a good call to worship, label it as such and have the kids recite it there.  If it's a scripture that calls us to live God's way and follow Jesus, place it after the confession & forgiveness.  etc.  In other words, let the recitations serve the liturgy. 

This is a phenomenal topic of conversation! I've had previous experience serving as an intern at Granite Springs CRC in Sacramento, CA. They've done a marvelous job of involving kids every Sunday by having an elementary-aged child memorize and recite the Call to Worship. Usually it's just a few verses from a Psalm, but it's been a powerful way for that congregation to live in the beauty of intergenerational worship. I agree with Ruth Ann: the recitations should always serve the liturgy! If you're in a regular pattern of having a scriptural call to confession or assurance of forgiveness, this would also be a great place to involve children. If you're looking for more information, feel free to email Pastor Kevin Adams from Granite Springs Church ([email protected]), and I'm sure he'll have more resources for you. 

Incorporate the scripture with the flow of the singing. There are many ways to weave music and the Word, depending on the scripture passage, of course. But here are some possibilities:

1) have the congregation sing vs. 1 of Speak O Lord (755 in LUYH), have the children speak the scripture, and then have all sing vs. 2 & 3.

2) choose a children's song that is a favorite from Sunday School that can lead into or out of the scripture, and have them sing (cong joining is option)

3) have a 'theme song' for the kids & congregation that is done each time the children do their scripture in church, such as #761 in LUYH (I Will Hide Your Word Inside My Heart),  LUYH #762 - Ancient Words, or any song of your choice (Thy Word, by Amy Grant). Sometimes repetition is good not only for the kids but also for the congregation.

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