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Hi there! I'd love to pick up a couple small gifts to give the nursery coordinator and children's ministry leaders in my children's classrooms. These individuals have joyfully poured into my kids and I want to give a them a tangible thank you. Any ideas?


I really liked the five dollar coffee gift cards. Cards of encouragement were great too.

Thank you for this, Sandra. I love the idea coffee gift cards (which can also be used for my guilty pleasure: hot chocolate). Thanks also for mentioning words of encouragement. I know they mean the world, truly, and can help people keep going on those days it's hard, or the days they wonder about the impact. It's huge. 


Hi Staci! I am pretty cheesy when I do volunteer gifts. I love giving things with a cute 'pun' attached. One year I gave artisan soup packages made from a lovely company out West who hires people with disabilities to do their packing, etc. (Mitchell's Soups) The card said, "I think you are Souper!" Another time I gave teachers at my school a bottle of "Simply Lemonade" or Simply orange juice with a note saying "You're SIMPLY the best!" It's usually the sentiment that means more than the gift, in my humble opinion! Pinterest is great for these cheesy gift ideas :) And a handwritten, personalized note is always appreciated as a volunteer!

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