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Does anyone from the Sunday School Ministry contact the Library Ministry for resources? 

Or does your Sunday School "advertise" that the Library exists or has materials for kids? 

As a Church Library Ministry leader I want to get the kids and youth into the library to pick out some of the great resources we have available. How can the library get information out to our Sunday school kids?

Any ideas or suggestions would help? 


Hey Jo,


Here are a few ideas you might want to try:

Take a page from your local bakeshop and find ways to create 'display cases' of materials that will catch the eye of children and youth. One church I was in recently stood several kids books up on the window ledges of the library room. If your library doesn't have windows and ledges, look around for other areas of the building that do---and stand a few books on them along with a note that says something like: "Check me out!" 

Photocopy the covers of some books/videos/music that will appeal to kids. Hang them--at kid eye level, not adult eye level!---in a hall near where the children meet. Use sticky tack to hang them up and add a caption like---"See something you like? Peel it off the wall, take it to the library and bring the real thing home!"

Kids love to crack codes. How about scrambling the words of a book title or turning it into a code kids can crack and then placing the scrambled title/coded words on the bulletin. First person who arrives in the library with the correct title can take the item home. (Be sure to have a stack of other great selections for the runners-up!)

Pick up some inexpensive canvas bags at the dollar store. Fill each one with a few books (or CDs or videos if your library has them) for a specific age level. (And maybe a candy to enjoy while reading:) Personally invite kids to come and check out one of these 'surprise' bags to take home.

Ever notice how big bookstores and local libraries have a shelf with books/items that the staff personally recommends? How about personally visiting a few Sunday school classes along with a variety of books from the library. Give each child an index card and a couple of books to take home. Ask them to take the books home for a week, write down which book they would recommend on the index card and then return them to the library so you can display their picks, along with the index card that says: "Brooke's pick..." or "Joel suggests...".

Hope that helps---the library is such a wonderful and important ministry to our children and youth!!!

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