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In the children’s Bible storybooks that I read to my daughter the opening pages begin with, “This is a story from God’s book, the Bible. It’s for [say name(s) of your child(ren)]. It’s for me too!”

As I read these lines the other day, "It's for Sophie, and Daddy, and for Mama too!" it occurred to me that I far too often approach Sunday school ministry with a kids-need-to-know-this-stuff attitude, when really, I need to know it too. And it’s not just that I need to “know” it. I need to be formed and transformed by it. I need to let the truth of God’s word guide my life so that I can share it with conviction. 

I wonder if good teachers end up learning more than their students. How are you being shaped by the stories you're sharing with kids? 


From my experience in various teaching situations, not just with children but in leading Bible studies, youth groups, support groups, etc. I would say absolutely that the Lord uses it to teach me! I learn so much in the experience of teaching others. My prayer is that it's good for the other student learners as well. And because we have a great God who can use even me; I have hope that they also learn and experience his goodness.

As I look at the accompanying illustration saying "Jesus died for you"  J.I. Packer's commentary in his book Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God immediately comes to mind: He writes: "The fact is that the New Testament never calls on any man to repent on the ground that Christ died specifically and particularly for him. The basis on which the New Testament invites sinners to faith in Christ is simply that they need him, and that he offers himself to them and that those who receive him are promised all the benefits that his death secured for his people. What is universal and all-inclusive in the New Testament is the invitation to faith and the promise of salvation to all who believe."   

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