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It’s a wild ride from September to January, but you made it!! Back in August you knew how many kids, teachers, and classes would be in your program. You were focused and ready for the journey. Now its midway through the season and a lot has changed—it’s time to take a fresh look at the itinerary and recalculate as necessary.

Estimated time of arrival

Between snow days and special events, your Sunday school might be lagging behind a bit. Compare your calendar and your curriculum’s scope and sequence to determine where you are and where you’d like to be before the season is done. Decide which lessons you should combine or eliminate to get there. Now is also a great time to select dates for VBS and start exploring the options!

Cruising in comfort

Check in with kids and teachers to find out how their space is suiting them. It’s not too late to swap rooms or set up a new table if class sizes have fluctuated. If you opt to swap, send home a note with kids and make a nice big sign pointing the way to the new space. If possible, set aside time for kids to help transfer their projects or room art to the new place and write a group note to the kids or adults moving in.

Thank you for flying

Your dedicated volunteers have made it through the Christmas crunch without crashing! Offer them encouragement as they soar through the rest of the season. Consider dropping into each classroom over the next few weeks to thank and pray for each leader. Ask the kids or teens to join you in thanking God for the gifts of this person and asking for God’s blessing! While you’re there, snap a few photos to create an informal photo board to hang in a high traffic area of your church. Include the heading, “Thank You for Nurturing the Faith of Our Kids!” Fill it with pictures of teachers in action.


Hello Jolanda,

Thank you for writing yet another interesting and encouraging article about the teaching ministry. 

I agree: January is a good time to make course corrections--to learn from the first "semester" of Sunday School and improve things for the second "semester." 

May the Lord continue to bless our Sunday School teachers and students. 

And may he also bless your teaching ministry!


Jolanda Howe on January 6, 2014

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Thanks Leon! We've already had one snow day so I'll be recalculating for sure!

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