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Years ago I was a delegate to a CRC Synod. It turned out that I was the youngest member there. A much older delegate there could not help remarking to me at recess time, "The churches send them ever younger... But the Lord who blessed a young boy's loaves and fishes, may also bless your presence..." As it was, young and old got along well at that synod, as, presumably, they did at the many subsequent synods.

In our local church the various age groups get along well, too. Sometimes they do nice things for each other. The young  people served the old guard lunch some Sundays ago, and the elderly contributed handsomely toward the young people's expenses toward a mission trip.

Church leaders do well to be mindful of the needs and challenges of all age groups. Ministry programs should be diverse enough so as to bless and challenge the  entire membership. Young and old have their own ways of looking at the world. Young and old have their own ways of expressing themselves. Mutual  respect is a wonderful quality of church-life. 

Psalm 92:14 comes with a promise to the elderly,

"They will bear still bear fruit in old age..." and "Grey hair is a crown of splendor..."

God chose to address the nation of Israel through the boy Samuel, and Samuel, guided by God, appointed the youngest son of Jesse to be king over Israel.

From the cherry picker we learn this lesson: the further the upper arm reaches across the cherry tree, the stronger and heavier the base has to be.

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