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How do you have your church's nursery structured? We are looking to restructure this ministry in our church and would appreciate any and all suggestions. 

Currently, it is set up with a nursery coordinator who makes up the weekly schedule for Sunday attendants, stocks the nursery, and is supposed to update and ensure policies are being followed. 

We have 'parents of the month' who are supposed to clean the toys and laundry and call the attendants to remind them of their responsibility to care for the children on their scheduled Sunday. We have a very select few of parents who take this role seriously, and many who do not. Just wondering what other ways you have found that this ministry can be run more effectively.  

By the way, this is all done by volunteers. There are no paid staff for any of the positions, and likely won't be an option.


Melanie, I am the Children's Ministry Catalyzer for Faith Formation Ministries and have 25 years of running children's ministries within a local church.  I get the challenges you are facing.  I am wondering if a team approach might be useful - to have a coordinator and small group of invested adults who can take ownership of the nursery.  This then would make sure the work is done and done well but the burden of the work is spread out over a team.  With a good team, the work will be more enjoyable too.  

If you would like, we could set up a time to meet online or talk on the phone to brainstorm some solutions.  Contact me at [email protected] and we can set up a time.  Mimi Larson 

We have a 3-person committee (all unpaid) with alternating 3-year terms. One person is in charge of making the schedule. Each of the 3 committee members are in charge of the nursery for one month at a time. This person reminds the nursery workers that are assigned to work each week, makes sure the workers show up on Sunday and gives them any instructions, washes the toys once that month (or more if it's flu season) and replenishes Cheerios. Any moms who utilize the nursery are candidates for this committee. :)

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