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I'd love to see copies of other church sign in sheets for the nursery. We are building a new facility and may change our procedures. Any one willing to share?


We recently bought a pager system for our congregation. It works great. It's just like the system at Ikea. The parent signs the child in, gets a pager, the child enters the nursery and the parent goes to worship. We have a "no change" policy in our nursery, so whenever a diaper needs changing, we just page the parent. Only the parent with the pager gets the kid after the service. And if they don't come soon enough after the service, we just set it on "Taser" and they come right away:)

Tom, any idea how expensive it is to get a system like that for about 15-20 kids? As for sign in sheets Heather, I just made one up on Xcel Spreadsheets for ours. If I can find a way to link it I will try. Ours is made to accomodate this info for each child each time they sign in: Child's Name, Child's ID #, Signed in by, Signed out by. The parents have to bring their corresponding ID tag with them to retrieve their child, although our workers aren't great about enforcing that. Hard to enforce safety procedures in a small town church where you think you know everyone.

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