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How do I choose a Bible study? This is usually a question that comes to mind when you have to lead a Bible study for your group. There is so much material out there from Faith Alive, Group, Simply Youth Ministry, Youth Unlimited and more. Bible studies are coming out of our ears from 1-minute Bible studies to 10-lesson series on the Song of Solomon. It’s tough to decipher which one to choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you through the process…

Is it Biblical? This one seems obvious especially if you consider the sources mentioned above. We need to go deeper than just biblical but does it come from your frame of reference – it is doctrinally sound? Our goal as youth workers is to point youth to the Cross of Jesus Christ. It’s our job as youth workers to make sure we go through the material with a fine tooth comb and determine its perspective. If you need help with this, ask your senior pastor.

Does it engage? Not every Bible study engages youth. You may find this hard to believe but it’s true. There are Bible studies out there that just do not engage the youth in conversation and/or participation. In today’s iPhone age of incredible technology, it is important that we capture the imagination of the youth with the powerful story of Jesus Christ. It is our role as youth workers to get them actively participating in the story.

Does it challenge? It’s all wonderful to have this powerful teaching on a topic but does it challenge the youth to make a difference in their own life or the lives of others? We are called by God to be His love letter to the nations! Does your teaching challenge them to go and make a difference for Christ’s sake?

Is it relatable? Sitting in a sterile room with a chalkboard with 8-10 youth sitting around a table is no longer a relatable means of teaching the Heidelberg Catechism. It’s important that we change with the times and make Bible studies relatable to where youth are at today. Check out the Generation M article under the ‘Must Reads’ to get a sense of where youth are at. This report possibly could help us as youth workers make Bible Studies more relatable.

Is it affordable? If price were not an issue I would not have added this but as we all know, we work with budgets. Make sure the Bible study you choose is affordable. No matter how good the study may be, if it breaks the bank it might not be worth using it at this time.

Does it have a lasting impact? Youth Group may take place one night of the week but a good Bible study should have the youth pondering the topic for much longer. If youth are no longer talking about the study 5 minutes after you finish your closing remarks it’s time to reconsider your topic. (…or your method of teaching!)

Is it flexible? No Bible study will be perfect so it’s important that the Bible study you choose gives you room to be flexible in its format and content. You will need to take the Bible study and contextualize it for your youth group. Make sure you have some wiggle room.

Keep in mind that no matter what Bible study you choose, we are dependent upon the Holy Spirit to lead us and to bring transformation to the youth. Always begin the process of choosing a Bible study with deep, earnest prayer asking God to lead you to the right one. Bring your volunteers into the discussion as to what Bible study to choose – their participation brings ownership.

Have fun choosing. Check out the resources mentioned above and enjoy teaching God’s Word to a generation that is desperately seeking Truth. 


I highly recommend the "Seven Deadly Sins" materials from Faith Alive. It cerainly fits the criteria you've outlined (which, by the way, are very helpful ~ thanks!)

Marcel deRegt on March 26, 2010

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Great suggestion Dana. For those interested in checking out Questions From A Pickle Jar, here are the links:


Questions From A Pickle Jar is a Faith Alive Resource.

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