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I spent last weekend with a group of high school students at a program called TEC --Teens Encountering Christ (if you're in West Michigan, check it out: One person in our discussion group is an agnostic, but was asking very good questions about faith. I recommended C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity as a way to help answer some of those questions. Any other suggestions? ~ Sharon


For the question of why evil is in the world, or why bad things happen, I often give Lewis Smedes' *How Can Everything Be All Right When Everything is All Wrong.*

Another good resource that I'm familiar with are the books by Lee Strobel: The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, the Case for a Creator, and The Case for the Real Jesus. These books are sold in teen editions as well as adult editions.

I recommend "The Language of God" by Francis Collins. Collins headed the human genome project and started college as an agnostic, went to atheism, and finally to Christianity. His credentials could scare some people but he writes in a very user friendly, non-technical style. Also, he credits the writings of C. S. Lewis as being instrumental in his journey to faith.

N.T. Wright's "Simply Christian" can be a good option. It is a bit more readable for today's youth than "Mere Christianity", in my opinion. Also, Shane Claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution" can provide a window into the Christian faith and its implications in a way that connects with youth. It certainly isn't explanatory in the same way as "Mere Christianity", but it can be an effective bridge for some young people.

"Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality" by Don Millar is very raw and written in casual, contemporary style. Teenagers (any 20-30 something even), turned off by organized religion and the "big c" Church would find this discussion of rubber-hitting-road Christianity refreshing, I think.

The book "Forgive Me For Waiting So Long To Tell You This" is a great one to give to friends and family. It was written specifically to be given to non-believing family and friends. And best of all... it is FREE on amazon! Here is the link to it:

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