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I wrote this Access VBA software to create usher schedules for our church.

Note this software does not require any version of Office on the computer.

I can also give you a version that does require Microsoft Access to be on the computer. The only advantage to this would be elimination of some of those annoying security questions windows tends to popup. If you'd like this non runtime version please request it through email. You will find my email address at the bottom of this text.

The link is a 32bit version if you require 64bit I have it also and will post it if the demand arises

Once you download the exe file Open it wherever you like Desktop, Documents etc It will extract the appropriate files and run setup. It will create an icon on the desktop Usher Schedule.

It will also create an icon in all programs.

The first time you run it access will offer a Security Alert bar across the top. Click on enable content to make this a trusted application.

Once you've done this in the future you will not see the alert. But if you never click enable content you will not be able to properly use the program.

Please don't hesitate to email me any questions. Also if you want something altered let me know.

It can be used for any church. I am offering for download from this link

It currently has a list of ushers in it for sampling reasons only, these should be deleted and your ushers names phone numbers and email addresses should be added.

To do a new schedule hit the New Schedule button. It will ask for a starting date input your starting date it also asks how many weeks to schedule. It defaults to 13 but can be changed.

Note 17 weeks is probably max for the printout to be on one page. When you first use the program make sure you hit the setup button and alter the setup screen to your needs.

My direct email address if not listed with this post is [email protected] the program is fairly self explanatory but if ya need help drop me a line or two.


I just finished reading this article about Usher Scheduling Software, and as a software developer, I must say it's an impressive achievement, Dave Bootsma! Creating a tool that generates usher schedules for churches is truly valuable, and I appreciate your effort in making it compatible without requiring Microsoft Office on the computer.

I visited the link and downloaded the 32-bit version. The installation process was smooth, and I like that it creates both a desktop and all programs icon for easy access. However, I'd suggest providing a brief user guide or instructions alongside the download link to help new users get started more easily.

So, I would like to say that, unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve such a result and functionality from the software as we would like. In my city, some churches, due to the insufficient number of local developers, ordered these services from various agencies. Do you think it will be expensive?

Our family has a small church in the village and we would like to have software to serve it...Andersen was recommended to me as a provider of similar services, does anyone know anything about this? How much it can cost approximately or something similar. I saw a cost calculator on their website, but for this you need to leave a request, and to be honest, I'm afraid:(

What does the software you need need to do? I'm basically retired so I have a lot of time on my hands. As for this Anderson outfit, generally speaking they will put several guys on a custom piece of software but the cost of this could be quite high. In excess of $175/hr. Just to get an idea of software development, it took me, by myself, 6 months to develop the usher software,  then another month to make it independent of office.

I'm not opposed to helping for free if I can. Where is  your church? I'm in Bradenton, Florida. To speak with me direct my email is [email protected] phone 941 224-8298

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