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Have you found any good resources on planning an Inquirers class? Is it still called that? 



Here is something that I think would be a great investment for our denomination, a short video walkthrough of our denomination's history and current ministry. Maybe there is one out there but I haven't run across it.  I tend to do a four or five session class, based upon CS Lewis' image of a house with a foyer and hallways, representing different traditions of the church. I've tried to do it in such a way that we can jump in whereever the person might be in their relationship with Christ. So the first session is Going through the Door, which is essentially a presentation of the gospel using different images.  The next session is about what the biblical contours of the church are and how our church lives into them, with an element that talks about what biblically it means to be a member of a church.  The third session is about the specific "hallway" of the Reformed faith.  Here we talk about the history of the reformation, some of theological emphases of the reformation, and things of that nature.  We also talk about the history of the CRC.  Somewhere around here I also show a video about infant baptism and make this a topic of discussion as well.  In the last session we look at the specific room off the hall that is our own church--our history, vision, values and mission, and some of the ways that we are structured and operate.  In these last sessions I also bring aboard an elder and a deacon to talk about some specifics related to their offices as well.

HI Jeff. I serve as the director of communications and marketing for the CRCNA.  I think a short video overview of the denomination's history is a great idea.  I'm not sure I have it in my budget this year, but I'll definitely add it to my "idea file" to see what I can pull together as time and funds allow. Thanks for making the suggestion. 


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